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Psychological testing

Psychological Testing 

Psychological testing is a unique set of services licensed clinical psychologists are trained to offer. The assessment process can take many forms and it may utilize different instruments or measures, in order to best address the reason for testing.  


Psychological Testing can be broken down into sub-areas.  Many times, a thorough assessment will evaluate two or more of these areas.


Neuropsychological Testing:

This form of assessment is indicated when cognitive functioning appears to be inhibited or has recently changed.  Often this form of evaluation is sought after an incident where there has been a loss of consciousness due to head trauma 


Memory & Dementia Testing:

Testing is sometimes indicated to clarify what level of care a loved one may need in order for them to live and function safely on a daily basis.


Intellectual & Academic Testing:

This form of assessment is indicated in order to discern one’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses.  Test results from this type of evaluation often help students by providing specific recommendations for compensating for deficits with intelligence or aptitude.


Diagnostic & Personality Testing:

This form of assessment is indicated when other mental health providers are struggling to clearly identify which psychological conditions or disorders are negatively impacting the individual.  Test results help to guide treatment recommendations for both psychologists/counselors, and for physicians/psychiatrists.


Career Interest & Vocational Testing:

This form of assessment is designed to identify possible jobs or career paths that might suit a person well, based upon their interests and personality traits.  


Medical Procedures/Bariatric Surgery:

Many times, prior to undergoing a medical procedure, individuals will need an evaluation for clearance to proceed.  In these cases, an individual’s ability to cope with and appropriately respond to the biopsychosocial impact of the medical procedure is assessed. 

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