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Matter Clinical Services


Matter Clinical Services, P.C. is an outpatient psychology and counseling practice.  We provide a broad range of services for the diverse needs of Chicagoland.


We recognize that each person is on a journey.  The paths and challenges of life vary as each person goes through the phases of life.  


As psychologists and counselors, we strive to walk with you when the path gets rough and when you need an outside perspective on the issues before you.  The counseling process is  designed to help move you forward in a positive direction, so you feel both liberated and better equipped for the road ahead.  


When working with individuals, couples, and families, we operate from a philosophical position which strives to embody the following ideals:  empathy, genuineness, holism, and empowerment.



We invite people to share their unique life stories.

We seek to connect with individuals by validating their emotional experience, so they feel heard.



We strive to provide individuals with a “humanizing experience” which is characterized by open and honest dialogue.


We acknowledge the complexities and interconnection of human physiology, psychology, social environments, and spirituality.

We understand how wellbeing necessitates balance in each of these areas of personhood. 



We help people to improve how they care for themselves and their loved ones.  We encourage the mobilization of skills and resources to help people move from a position of discouragement to a position of hope and possibility. 

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